Cynthia song

My little ol’ “Santa Baby” will be the backdrop to Holiday romance on CBS’s highly ranked show.

But more,

sang that song, not because I was channeling Marilyn.

In fact, it was to give tribute to Eartha Kitt and as a personal gift to a significant person in my life, directors, agents, etc as a Christmas card CD.

Mostly, so he’d win more Oscars than anyone else. 😉

See, am the obsessive type.

Obsessive about love;

That we are all in this together. This love.

That the song I sang him from the sidelines, in ’97

was later launched viral in ’00, as an extension of a vision held from childhood of the COKE commercials,

“If I Could Teach The World To Sing In Perfect Harmony…”

Never imagined that course would take me season after season of yet, another version of my little ol’ “Santa Baby” with my little ol’ cheap midi backtrack but wait, it’s someone else standing there singing my little hooks and hints.

Like so many single mothers, little matters more than a little present under the tree for my son.

Well, that was 15 years ago, and he stopped looking under the tree, ’cause I stopped buying one years back…

and seein’ as he’s kinda given up on no prezzies,

he’s kinda given up on me.

SO rarely see him.

And that breaks my heart.

A song meant to be about love, has only broken my heart.

Breaks my heart when the notoriety of my song has allowed me to visit the Saharwian refugees living in self-determination with no voice.

It breaks my heart that when addressing the UN the past years, no voice is heard.

It breaks my heart, that as a mom who knows the importance of mental health and has worked to have a voice about it, has none…

so I guess, you can enjoy this one instead,

drum role please…

Bah bum bah bum bum bum;

yet, another version to join the ranks with Kylie, Shakira, Pink Martini, PussyCat Dolls, Kellie, Glee and more

“If I Could Teach The World To Sing…”

Maybe there would be just a little more love in this World and that would stop breaking my heart!

“Hurry, toooonite!”


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