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Jingle this Chrismas in ten different ways

 Ed Aguilera

With the barrage of holiday music every year, it can be tough to pick what sounds good. From old to new, here are some Christmas songs that might make good choices for your CD player.
1. “Oy to the World,” from No Doubt, takes a new spin on the holiday classic “Joy to the World.” No Doubt asks the question why skaters and punks can’t get along with each other. It’s an untraditional song that combines new and old, and No Doubt does it justice.


2. “Santa Baby” has been sung by everybody from Everclear, Kylie Minogue to Madonna, but Marilyn Monroe sang it back in 1960, and she made “Santa Baby” a classic. Who would have thought a Christmas song could be sexy?Monroe does and she sings it like she means it.

3. “Noche de Paz/Silent Night” from Christina Aguilera on her Christmas CD “My Kind of Christmas,” sings the classic song in a way that will make you want to hit repeat. Aguilera hits every note perfectly and she holds them longer than most can. The rendition done in Spanish and English will be sure to please everyone.
4. “Last Christmas,” by Wham, is a great ‘80s Christmas song. “Last Christmas” will make you want to dance with its up-tempo beat. George Michael sings it happily, even though it’s about betrayal, but the way he does it makes you forget that.
5. “Little Drummer Boy,” sung by Lauren Hill on the “Rosie Christmas” CD, brings rhythm and blues to a classic. Hill brings her influence to the song and she sings it well.
6. “Winter Wonderland.” Elvis Presley’s rendition of “Winter Wonderland” is traditional Elvis. Presley’s guitar playing on this version is done well and he sings it in his usual fashion.
7. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” done by ColdPlay on the “Sounds of the Season” CD, is a great version on this classic tune. The English blokes sing it, accompanied by acoustic guitars and with great vocals. ColdPlay’s version is done traditionally with a few new elements that make it a timeless classic.
8. Michael Buble’s interpretation of “Let it Snow” sounds like big bands of the ‘40s, and only Buble could be capable of doing so. Buble’s version is jazzy with the trumpets and saxophones and makes “Let it Snow” sound original and new.
9. “Ave Maria,” sung by Sarah Brightman, is great. “Ave Maria” is sung by most church choirs and it is a difficult song to sing with its insane high notes that are impossible for most. Brightman sings all of the high notes with such ease that is impressive. “Ave Maria” is sung in Italian and Brightman makes it seem as if the song was done in English, because you can understand everything being sung.
10. The holidays wouldn’t be the same without “Feliz Navidad” by Jose Feliciano. It has become a holiday classic that can be heard on every radio station. The song states what most people would like to say during the holiday season, “I want to wish a merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart.” 


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